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starsFine grained skills analysisline

Map all your team's skills and domain knowledge

Hard Skills

Select only relevant skills and compare distribution across your team

Domain knowledge

Add your own custom skills and domains for your team

Codebase knowledge

Track the endangered parts of the codebase

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Get smartline learning suggestionsstars

Get learning recommendations based on your team analysis and your context

For your team
Peer learning opportunities

Let anyone be aware of who can help on specific topics

For your team
AI based learning paths

Access content, resources, and program based on people level

For your team
Training recommendations

Pick experts and trainings for 'just-in-time' learning

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For you
Smart career ladder

Match learning paths with your career ladder

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For you
Anticipate hiring needs

Get candidates matching scores with your team

Team skills matrixon steroïds

Teams are not fixed entities. Adapt and anticipate the unexpected variations of everyday dynamics.

Anticipate team movements
crossAssess the impact of people leaving the team
crossSee how new team members can impact your team's general level
Get instant signal

Explore which skills and knowledge are most concentrated in your team and identify the key contributors.


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